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Membership information
Individual membership fee includes;
  • Subscription to J. EICA
  • Opportunities for presentation at EICA conferences and meetings
  • Reduced admission fee for EICA activities
  • Discount prices for EICA publications
  • Eligible for various services provided by EICA
Corporate membership fee includes;
  • All the benefits above.
  • Free distribution of EICA publications.
  • Can involve in the management of EICA as a councilor or an official.
admission fee annual membership fee
individual member none \ 5,000
senior member none \ 5,000/year or \ 20,000
corporate member \100,000 1 share \ 100,000 (2 shares minimum)
student member none none
* Need to admission procedures
public service member none \ 30,000
Office addresses
c/o Atalacia Co., Ltd.
1-775 Funahashi Honmachi, Hirakata, Osaka 573-1116, Japan
Phone : +81-72-807-3890
FAX : +81-72-807-3898

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